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Department of Botany and Ecology provides training of specialists in the field of theoretical and practical botany, phytodesign and landscape architecture, bioecology. The department activity is focused on research of flora and vegetation of the technologically transformed territories, vegetative propagation of rare ornamental plants, introduction of new food plants, development of methods of obtaining and using technical and medicinal raw materials, methods of phytoindication of environment, phytodesign and landscape architecture.

Department of Zoology and Ecology activity is focused on research of fauna and ecology of terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates and vertebrates of Ukraine, mainly in its southeast territories. Specialization in Applied Entomology is aimed at training specialists in the field of organization of raising insects for agricultural purposes and medical entomology (studying of insects-parasites of humans and animals, pathogens and other groups of insects).

Department of Plant Physiology studies plants and fungi resistance to environmental factors, works on development of biological methods of fighting coniferous trees diseases as well as methods of biopharmaceuticals production for the food and medical industry. The department specializations in Plants Physiology and Mycology and Mushrooms Production were created for training specialists in the field of mycology for organization of edible mushrooms cultivation technology and quality control of mushroom products.

Department of Human and Animal Physiology studies fundamental problems of physiology, neurophysiology and psychophysiology on the basis of endocrinology, neurobiology, neuropharmacology, psychology, psychophysics etc. The department offers two specializations: human and animal physiology and psychophysiology. Students are trained in the field of classical physiology, psychophysiology and diagnosis and correction of emotional state arising under influence of different activities.

Department of Biophysics is one of the four educational centres in Ukraine for training of biophysics specialists. It offers a programme in biophysics and specialization in medical biophysics (since 1998). The department activity is focused on preparation of specialists able to solve fundamental problems of biology on the basis of modern methods of physics, mathematics, computer modeling in the field of medicine, ecology, biotechnology and agriculture.